United Kingdom

Münchener Hypothekenbank is delighted to announce the signing of Co-Operation Agreements with Laxfield Capital and Laxfield Asset Management Ltd, a team of experienced loan originators and servicers led by Adam Slater and Emma Huepfl.

Laxfield will seek business to fit the bank’s UK and Irish lending strategy, and will assist with the negotiation, credit and closing process. All loans originated by Laxfield will also be serviced through its management vehicle, Laxfield Asset Management Ltd, and will be the first point of contact for UK and Irish clients.

The Laxfield team is highly experienced, with an excellent track record in originating good quality senior loan business, and building strong relationships in the direct markets and through excellent interbank relationships.

Laxfield looks forward to working with MünchenerHyp to build its UK and Irish loan book, and establish new business relationships. The Bank perceives an excellent market opportunity to write good quality business in the UK at a time when other sources of finance are generally restricted.

The Pfandbriefe based funding model has an extremely strong credit history which is now proving capable of withstanding the unprecedented negative pressure in the wider credit markets.

Summary of UK & Irish Lending Strategy:

Borrowers: all commercial property investors with conservative gearing approach / syndicate bank partners

LTV up to 75%, with strong price advantage for lower leverage deals

Good debt service / interest cover ratio

Term 2-15 years preferred

Income producing, good quality underlying assets – most property types considered, including hotels with fixed income contracts, take out funding for pre-let properties

Target deal size £10m - £120m

Hedging appropriate to deal profile


Do you have questions? You can reach us via phone or E-mail.

Adam Slater (UK)

Laxfield Capital Ltd
Tel. +44 (0) 20 / 75 18 16 15

Emma Huepfl (UK)

Laxfield Capital Ltd
Tel. +44 (0) 20 / 75 18 16 14