The issuing business is one of MünchenerHyp’s main
areas of business. We are active in the capital markets
as an issuer of:
  • Mortgage and Public Pfandbriefe
  • Unsecured issues such as bearer bonds and promissory notes as senior non-preferred and senior preferred bonds
  • Various money  market products

The Euro-capital market is the core market for issues. Beyond this, tailor-made issues in foreign currencies as well as structured bonds can be individually realised – exactly in accordance with the investor’s wishes. As a high-quality issuer, MünchenerHyp is an attractive address for domestic and international investors. We rely on:

  • Being a reliable presence in the capital  markets
  • Maintaining an investor-oriented approach to market support
  • Having the greatest possible transparency (investor presentation, Article 28 Pfandbrief Act)

One of the goals of our issuance policy is to achieve congruent liquidity in refinancing our asset portfolio and maintaining our excellent standing as an issuer. The achievement of this objective is made possible by our proven issuance policy and by regular investor presentations in Germany and abroad. The main focus of these presentations is on institutional investors in Germany, Europe and Asia. We are, however, prepared to make individual presentations at any time. 


  • Presentation for Investors (1,8 MB)Download
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