Press release

Münchener Hypothekenbank: imug raises its sustainability ratings in all categories


The sustainability rating agency imug has raised its ratings for Münchener Hypothekenbank eG in all three of the securities categories it evaluates.

The new ratings propel MünchenerHyp up into the top group of financial institutions rated by imug.

MünchenerHyp is now the best of all issuers rated by imug in the category Mortgage Pfandbriefe as the Bank’s rating improved from “Neutral” to “Positive”. The Bank’s Public Pfandbriefe are now rated “Very Positive”, and higher than the previous “Positive“ rating. The Bank is now among the ten top issuers in this category. The rating for uncovered liabilities was raised from “Neutral“ to “Positive“, and moved MünchenerHyp into the top three Pfandbriefbanks in this category.

In its rating report imug highlighted the quality of MünchenerHyp’s sustainability management and especially the positive performance made by the Bank in fulfilling sustainability criteria in a social and responsible manner.

“We are pleased by imug’s decision, which also confirms the sustainability of our refinancing instruments, and in particular the high quality of our Pfandbriefe including the aspects of sustainability“, said Dr. Louis Hagen, Spokesman for the Münchener Hypothekenbank’s Board of Management.