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Commercial property finance

New gems in MünchenerHyp portfolio

Münchener Hypothekenbank is a competitive provider of commercial financing for portfolio properties in Germany, Western Europe and the US. Some economically and architecturally attractive properties have been added recently. An overview.

Gallileo Tower, Frankfurt am Main

Gallileo: CapitaLand

The Gallileo Tower, with double “l” owing to its location in the Gallusanlage park in the Frankfurt banking district, was provided with a loan of EUR 140 million from MünchenerHyp in October 2018. The partner for the German cooperative banks is acting as the sole underwriter, lender and agent for CapitaLand, one of biggest property firms in Asia and their Singapore-based REIT, Capital Commercial Trust The 40,500 square meters of office space in the building, which was completed in 2003, are largely let on a long-term basis to Commerzbank and the English Theatre.

Zalando Headquarters, Berlin

Zalando: Copyright Henn

In November 2018, MünchenerHyp financed the purchase of the new Zalando Campus in Berlin-Friedrichshain with a long-term loan of EUR 143.4 million. The recently completed campus offers approximately 42,000 square meters of space and has been fully let to Zalando SE on a long-term basis to serve as its new corporate headquarters. Hines Immobilien GmbH is the asset manager of the building, which manages the property in a Luxembourg real estate special fund for institutional investors. For this fund, MünchenerHyp acts as sole underwriter, lender and agent.

Garden Tower, Frankfurt am Main

Garden Tower: GEG German Estate Group AG

In January 2019, MünchenerHyp financed the acquisition of the Garden Tower in Frankfurt's financial district as the sole underwriter with a three-digit million amount. The partner is GEG German Estate Group. At 127 metres high, the office tower built in 1976, which was completely refurbished in 2005 and 2006, is one of the most striking buildings in Frankfurt. Over 25,000 square meters of office space are let on a long-term basis to 27 parties.

Three core projects in Berlin and Munich

Laimer Würfel: MünchenerHyp

Back in August 2018, MünchenerHyp provided EUR 97.8 million for three core projects of Credit Suisse Asset Management, in which only qualified Swiss investors can invest. The financed package includes the “Kant-Center” shopping centre in Berlin, the “Laimer Würfel” in Munich and another office building in the capital. The properties are almost fully let, are of very good quality and are in very good locations.

„The Monument Building“, London


Credit Suisse Asset Management is also the partner of MünchenerHyp in financing the “Monument Building” in the British capital, which was completed in early 2018. The building constructed in 2016 got its monumental name from the 61-meter-high landmark directly in front of the main entrance, which commemorates the Great Fire of London in 1666 and has a viewing platform. As agent, MünchenerHyp financed 57% of the figure and syndicated almost half of the loan amount to LBBW.

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