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Dr. Phil Zundel

Head of Board of Management Staff | Organisation | Human Resources

Phone: +49 89 5387 - 2000

Dr. Patrick Wellas

Head of Sustainability Management

Phone: +49 89 5387 - 2040

What is sustainability?

The term "sustainable development” originated with the Brundtland Commission that was established by the United Nations in the 1980’s. The Commission’s report defined sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

Sustainable Business Policy

Münchener Hypothekenbank developed and built up a systematic sustainability management programme to ensure that the principles of sustainable company management are firmly anchored in its daily business processes. These efforts consist of strategies and measures to continually improve our corporate governance, the sustainability of our business model, as well as to promote environmental considerations and the interaction with all of our stakeholders. Within the framework of the strategic sustainability process we continually analyse economic, social, and legal developments. In addition, we also participate in regular discussions with our stakeholders concerning all issues related to sustainability.

Sustianability Ratings

ISS-oekom has once again assigned prime status to
MünchenerHyp. The Bank’s ranking puts it among
the world’s leading companies in the field of


  Rating 2018 Rating 2017 Rating 2016
Social and Governance Rating B C+ C+
Environmental Rating B- B- B-
Gesamtrating B- C+ C+

Ratingagency: ISS-oekom

  Rating 2018 Rating 2017 Rating 2016
Sustainability Rating | Uncovered Bonds positive (B) positive (B) positive (B)
Mortgage Covered Bonds positive (BBB) positive (BBB) positive (BBB)
Public Sector Covered Bonds positive (BBB) positive (BBB) very positive (A)

Ratingagency: imug


  • Non-Financial Report 2018(2,3 MB)Download
  • Sustainability Report 2017(1,5 MB)Download
  • ISS-oekom Corporate Rating(125,3 KB)Download
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