Contact Persons

Johann Götz

Head of Accounting | Taxes

Ulrich Rutzenhöfer

Head of Business Process Optimization

Carsten Krüger

Head of Central Affairs

Dr. Phil Zundel

Head of Central Services

Dr. Louis Hagen

Executive Assistant:
Gabriele Behrndt

Jan Polland

Head of Commercial Real Estate Finance

Nathalie Wagemanns

Head of Compliance

Ulrich Scheer

General Executive Manager
Executive Assistant:
Bettina Wolff

Gisela Conrads

Head of Internal Audit

Hans-Georg Klinkenberg

Head of IT

Günther Schwarz

Head of Legal

Dr. Holger Horn

Member of the Board of Management
Executive Assistant:
Gisela Kanhäuser

Frank Hemmer

Head of M-Wert GmbH

Dr. Peter Knorr

Head of Private Customers | Private Housing Business | Brokers

Thomas Hügler

Head of Private Customers | Private Housing Business | Verbund

Hannsjörg Eisenreich

Head of Risk Controlling | Regulation

Ingeborg Eitler

Head of Transaction Management Capital Markets and Treasury

Susanne Falkenberg

Head of Transaction Management Commercial Real Estate Customers

Ingo Schramm

Head of Transaction Management Property Finance (Private Customers)

Rafael Scholz

Head of Treasury