Sustainable Business Policy

Sustainable Business Policy

To embed the claim of sustainable corporate governance in the daily course of business, Münchener Hypothekenbank has developed and established systematic sustainability management. This includes strategies and measures to continually improve corporate governance, the sustainability of the business model, environmental aspects as well as all stakeholder interactions. Economic, social, political and legal developments are constantly analysed as our sustainability strategy is developed. Furthermore, we are in regular contact with all our stakeholders regarding all matters of sustainability.

Münchener Hypothekenbank’s business strategy is guided by the idea of a sustainable economy. This includes environmental and social responsibility. We are particularly committed to strengthening trust in our relationships with our members, employees, customers, business partners, investors and the public.

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MünchenerHyp again received prime status in the corporate rating issued by rating agency ISS ESG, putting it amongst the top financial institutions in the field of sustainability.










Ratingagency: ISS ESG, Last Update: August 2023

The term "sustainable development” originated with the Brundtland Commission that was established by the United Nations in the 1980’s. The Commission’s report defined sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.